Methods and means of hair restoration after loss: effectiveness evaluation

Why does hair fall out? Perhaps, for some it will be news, but daily loss of small amount of hair (from 50 to 150) when combing is natural phenomenon. The fact is that average life of hair is about 7 years. After this time, new hair appears in follicle, and old falls out.

If you notice that hair doesn`t begin to fall out when combing, as is usually case, but remain on comb in bunches, first of all, it is necessary to find out cause of such unpleasant phenomenon. Often, hair loss is directly related to hormonal disruption. Thyroid gland diseases, sex hormone imbalance, diabetes mellitus and other disorders can cause hair loss.

During pregnancy and after childbirth, increased hair loss is also possible. However, this process is reversible, and by restoring hormones balance, you can return your original look to hair.

Genetic predisposition is another cause of hair loss. If grandfather and father had baldness with age in family, it is likely that son will also grow bald. However, it should be understood, that genetic predisposition wouldn`t lead to hair loss.

Trigger for problem development will be any disease, stress or other factor. Fungal and viral skin diseases can also trigger hair loss. Such diseases include, for example, viral skin diseases, ringworm, trichophytosis, microsporia and others.

Long stay in stress state and strong nervous shocks can also cause significant hair loss. Such conditions lead to metabolic disorders and malfunction of most diverse systems in body, including those responsible for hair growth and preservation. In addition, hair follicles may suffer as result of hypovitaminosis, as with shortage or excess of certain vitamins follicles die.

Mechanical damage also harms hair. Abundant hair loss, hairstyle, excessive craze in paints and lacquers of poor quality, perm, bleaching and many other procedures can cause abundant hair loss.

Another factor in hair loss is poor ecology. Emission of harmful substances into atmosphere can affect state of scalp and injure follicles. Also, high and low temperatures affect condition of scalp, so it is important to wear hats in summer heat and in winter cold.

How to restore hair growth?

You can do it in such ways:

  • Diet therapy. To strengthen hare your organism requires omega fats. They are found in oily fish, nuts, unrefined vegetable oils. Also, be sure to use vitamin B12. They are rich in meat, eggs, salmon. Fiber is also necessary for healthy hair. It is found in carrots, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant. Don`t forget about dairy calcium products, because they give hair healthy shine. Therefore, you need to use natural yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese.
  • Traditional medicine. Use your grandmothers recipes to combat baldness.
  • Restorative mask. It is recommended to carry out such procedure 2 times a week for 2 months. Hair contact with natural products has good effect on hair state.
  • Cosmetics. Well-known cosmetic brands specialize in hair care products and they offer buyers range of anti-fallout cosmetics. These are shampoos, balms, masks, nutritive oils mixtures and even hair growth activators.
  • Drugs. Main ingredients are vitamins, trace elements, herbal extracts. Among these we can mention most common, as pantovigar, revalid, selentsin, nutrikap, rinfoltil. Each of them has their own characteristics, so before you start taking them, you should consult with doctor, as there may be some contraindications.

Hair restoration treatments

We can represent them as following:

What kind of hair restoration procedure is better for you – only professional specialist can decide. Contact an experienced trichologist for detailed advice about your hair state.