How to care for men’s hair: tips and tricks

Proper hair care for men, like women, helps for many years to maintain attractiveness. Unfortunately, many representatives of stronger sex neglect this, creating prerequisites for appearance of causes of hair loss in men at young age. Proper hair care for men should become habit so that there are no problems.

What hair products are required for men?

Few men use hair care products or do it wrong. To date, all major manufacturers of cosmetics produce products designed specifically for men.

However, is it worth buying entire line of men’s hair care products, or is it waste of money?

Note that shampoos for whole family are poorly suited to representatives of stronger sex. All hair has same structure, but in men surface layer of dermis is more durable. All glands at expense of better blood circulation receive normal nutrition, so universal family shampoos wouldn`t be effective enough:

  • Hair conditioners. Additionally, with shampoo, you can use good conditioner, and separately. There are shampoo-conditioners, but this isn`t best option. Using shampoo, you will wash off greasy deposits and dirt from hair, and conditioner will create thin protective layer on their surface that will facilitate styling, combing and preserve freshness for a long time. Especially useful conditioner for care of men’s hard hair.
  • Balms. They are recommended for men to care for long hair, which, because of its greater rigidity, sticks and bristles more strongly. Special male balm will make your hair more obedient.
  • Anti-dandruff shampoos. When caring for long hair or short, they must be properly used. These are therapeutic agents that aren`t suitable for permanent use. If dandruff doesn`t disappear for a long time after using special shampoo, buy Nizoral pharmacy or something like that. These shampoos are bit more expensive, but are highly effective.

How to wash your hair?

Basis of men’s hair care is proper washing. What means were used above, but shower gel, soap and other non-intended hair compositions to wash head is prohibited. Homemade hair care for men should also be literate – don`t use everything in row, trying to overcome dandruff or get rid of bald patches on your head: concentrate on one problem and solve it consistently.

Wash your head with water at suitable temperature – not too hot and not cold. Hot activates sebaceous glands, as result of which hair becomes fatter, and cold water inhibits blood circulation, due to which hair receives less nutrients.

Proper washing is as follows:

  • Wet your head.
  • Lather your hair with shampoo.
  • Gently massage skin with fingertips.
  • Wash off with water.
  • Lather and massage again.
  • Wash and apply balsam,
  • Wait a minute and rinse off.

Lathering head twice is necessary for reason that first time you remove impurities, dust and fats, and second soaping will have beneficial effect of shampoo on skin and hair.

How to dry and comb men hair?

Proper hair care for man involves proper and regular combing. Short hair is recommended to comb from roots, and long from tips, moving up. We don`t recommend combing wet hair, especially with metal hairbrushes.

You can gently comb wooden or plastic comb to improve blood supply to hair follicles. Dry your hair after washing in natural way or with warm towel. It`s better not to use hair dryer or choose cool drying mode, keeping device at distance of more than 40 cm.

Now you know about men’s hair care tips and tricks that you can use while maintaining attractive and healthy look of your hair.