How to avoid hair loss?

Appearance of both women and men depends largely on well-groomed and neat hair. However, it isn`t always possible to keep your hair beautiful. Sometimes we have to face such problems as fragility and depletion of hair, and sometimes with their increased loss.

It’s no secret that every day person loses up to 100 hairs, which is considered absolutely normal. Our hairline is changing for natural reasons. But, often lack of hair care or malfunction in body makes amount of lost hair much larger, which can be serious problem.

Of course, balding threatens not all, but with hair loss, we have to forget about thick and voluminous hairstyle. Moreover, increased hair loss can often be signal about problems in body.

Causes of hair loss

If you were worried about appearance of the hair falling out on pillow or increase in their number on comb, then you certainly should think about what could have caused this phenomenon. There are number of factors that can trigger increased hair loss. Consider each of them in such order:

  • Weak immunity. Very often, hair loss is consequence of weakening of our body. This often happens in spring, when body needs additional support. Women face weakening of immunity after childbirth, when for a long time mother’s body gave its resources to child. Advice of doctor and, of course, healthy lifestyle will help bring immunity back to normal.
  • Improper nutrition. Most often, this problem occurs as result of experiments with diets, when, in effort to lose weight, people eliminate from their diet products that contain important elements.
  • Endocrine disruptions. Imbalance of hormones can also cause hair loss. In this case, you should consult specialist to check work of endocrine gland. Also, such problems are characteristic of puberty.
  • Unfavorable conditions at home or inworkplace can also cause disruptions in body. Stress leads to narrowing of blood vessels and weakening of blood circulation, which provokes hair loss.
  • Infectious diseases. Excessive hair loss can also be caused by diseases such as seborrhea and dermatitis.

Hair care

Our body works as mechanism that fails if one of its parts is damaged. Any health problems will certainly affect our appearance. Hair health also depends on general condition of our body.

To avoid hair loss, you need to strengthen your immune system, play sports, and also keep your head away from temperature and monitor flow of oxygen to scalp. To do this, it is less likely to use hot tongs for hair, don`t abuse chemical agents and monitor hygiene of hair.