Cosmetics For Real Men. What Exactly Does He Need?

Yes, men and cosmetics – things seem incompatible. And every brutal handsome man doesn`t want to hear that he needs to smear something somewhere. But as soon as man begins to attack pimples, dry skin and weathered lips, he immediately runs for advice to his woman or Internet. How can we, delicate and fragile women, convey to our faithful that Brad Pitt and David Beckham look good just because they are not afraid to take jars of medicinal products in their hands and aren`t ashamed of having hygienic lipstick in their pockets.

№1 in male cosmetic bag: lip balm

Now let’s go other way and talk about another perennial problem – smell of male feet. It`s sometimes difficult to explain to man what is wrong. Well, to teach hygiene isn`t our task. But gently and gently talk about fact that there is such a tool as antiperspirant for feet and it isn`t a shame to use it. Only this should be done on clean, dry feet. Yes, and clean socks every morning. So as not to look for second.

№2 in men’s cosmetic bag: antiperspirant for feet

Our next step is hair care. Here it`s difficult to explain to men why they need special tool, and not ordinary soap. But probably. If we discard all lamentations about care, structure of hair and condition of scalp, we can voice one (very important!) Secret. Shampoo conditioner removes fluffy hair and men don`t have to wear hat to put their hair (yes, many do) or use special styling tool. So 2 in 1 is exactly option for men.

№3 in men’s cosmetic bag: shampoo-conditioner

As soon as autumn-winter-spring comes, men’s skin begins to be full of peeling. Yes, this is lack of vitamins, stress, bad weather, but including, this is dry skin of face, which requires attention and hydration. It`s difficult to persuade man to use moisturizing cream, but argument should be that cream isn`t decorative cosmetics, but protective film that helps keep skin healthy.

№4 in men’s cosmetic bag: face cream

There is another area that requires special care – area around eyes. And if we, women, understand that this particular zone shows: we were asleep, our state of health and mood, then it makes absolutely no difference for men – their bags or dark circles under their eyes. Our task is to draw their attention to this zone. First, if you don`t care for area around eyes – wrinkles will appear faster. Secondly, during long-term work at computer, eyes are dehydrated and skin around too.

Thirdly, clear and radiant gaze hasn`t prevented anyone. Therefore, once a day (it`s possible even before bedtime), every self-respecting man should apply any means to care for area around eyes. And in morning wake up a real Hollywood handsome man!

№5 in male cosmetic bag: eye care

Facial cleansing is separate topic for conversation with both adult man and schoolboy. How do men like to wash with water couple of times, and then thoroughly rub face with towel. And we, women, then notice imprints of faces on these very towels. No, we aren`t saying that face should be washed with soap. For this there is special tool – facial wash. If they don`t wash properly, there will be wrinkles, cream wouldn`t help, and there will be more acne.

№6 in male cosmetic bag: facial wash

And our favorite final touch! Hairstyle. Any man here resorts to different means: someone has special comb, someone needs matte gel, and someone buys whole set of styling products. Our favorite product for any type of hair is modeling cream.

№7 in men’s cosmetic bag: modeling hair cream

Remind your men that caring for yourself isn`t shame, but on contrary, it’s right and fashionable. Every man should have his own beautician with necessary means and it shouldn`t be shave. Remember that only you can inspire men to use care products and monitor condition of their skin.