How to avoid hair loss?

Appearance of both women and men depends largely on well-groomed and neat hair. However, it isn`t always possible to keep your hair beautiful. Sometimes we have to face such problems as fragility and depletion of hair, and sometimes with their increased loss.

It’s no secret that every day person loses up to 100 hairs, which is considered absolutely normal. Our hairline is changing for natural reasons. But, often lack of hair care or malfunction in body makes amount of lost hair much larger, which can be serious problem.

Of course, balding threatens not all, but with hair loss, we have to forget about thick and voluminous hairstyle. Moreover, increased hair loss can often be signal about problems in body.

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Methods and means of hair restoration after loss: effectiveness evaluation

Why does hair fall out? Perhaps, for some it will be news, but daily loss of small amount of hair (from 50 to 150) when combing is natural phenomenon. The fact is that average life of hair is about 7 years. After this time, new hair appears in follicle, and old falls out.

If you notice that hair doesn`t begin to fall out when combing, as is usually case, but remain on comb in bunches, first of all, it is necessary to find out cause of such unpleasant phenomenon. Often, hair loss is directly related to hormonal disruption. Thyroid gland diseases, sex hormone imbalance, diabetes mellitus and other disorders can cause hair loss.

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